Google Chrome will identify sites that do not use Https as ” not safe “

Google Chrome

In past decades, when you start typing the addresses of the websites, notice the words Http. In recent years, thanks to increase the security of the websites you may have noticed that many websites now begin with ” Https ” note that the letter ” S ” indicates that the site has a call safe so that can’t manipulate its content by internet service providers or governments, at least in theory.

Seeking Google to make Web sites more secure, so they ask the developers to make sure that their sites use the Protocol security Https which is launched by the company years ago, but it seems that the update next to the browser Google Chrome will start displaying websites that do not rely on the Https protocol as ” not safe “.

As we have said, I paid Google websites to use the Https protocol for years, so consider that fair warning. Earlier this year, Google has already confirmed its plans to indicate sites that do not support the HTTPS protocol as ” not safe“, will be the next update that Google has put the plan into practice. So if you see your favorite website suddenly with the message ” not secure | Not Secure ” tomorrow, you’ll know why.

Note that Google Chrome is the only one that notify users of these sites as ” unsafe“, so if you are using a browser different such as the Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari or Opera or Mozilla Firefox, may be your experience is different.



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