Google Chrome will tell you soon whether your passwords have been hacked.

Google Chrome

In these days, it seems that the number of security breaches that we hear about in height, which tells us that maybe it’s time to refer the system of secret words to or at least improved using additional security features such as the control system on the two-stage 2FA. Imagine that may take some time before we see a replacement for passwords, but in the meantime, the company wants Google to provide some assistance to users.

According to Techdows, it was found a commitment in the platform Chrome Gerrit turns out that the company Google is working on a feature to reveal the users whether their passwords have been leaked on the web during use of the browser Google Chrome. What you do this feature is that when you enter the password to log in to a website, say Google checks to see if the password used is present in the base data, which includes passwords that have been exposed to penetrate to see whether there is a match.

If you find out Google Chrome browser to your account is one of those accounts that have been hacked, they will appear then a pop-up window allows the user to learn it. At the moment, it does not seem that this feature is turned on or activated by default until now. Instead, if users want to check it out, you’ll need to move to chrome://flags and search for ” leak”, which should take them to the ” Password leak detection“, and then they’ll be able to activate this feature.

Note that this feature is still in beta stage currently, which means that it can be changed in the future. It should be noted that Google Chrome will be the only browser that offers this feature, a browser Mozilla Firefox offers a feature similar also.


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