Google Coach: a personal trainer artificial intelligence

According to a new report comes from the website Android Police Google you work on the application or a new service under the name Google Coach or trainer Google. And what site offers Android Police leaks are true, so it is possible to anticipate the coming of a personal assistant soon from Google , which will miss the personal assistants of the right musicians to take care of your life and things related to your health.

And this was the common right will be the advent of the H Pixel smart close Google is logical, where he addressed the rumors during the last period, the advent of the H bearing the name of the Pixel in conjunction with phones Pixel 3 وPixel 3 expected coming from Google next October.

Being a advertising for an app or service is not formal, it is not possible to confirm his arrival where it is possible to change anything or is canceled as a whole. According to the report, the application will bring many advantages including dietary advice and tips for improvements and other advantages.

If we come what may we can expect the launch of the new smart watch in conjunction with phones pixel camera coming with the support of a new partner for smart watches of the Snapdragon and a copy of a new system WearOS from Google and certainly the Support Service Google Coach. Can’t we also use the exclusive service on the phones Google watch, a smartphone that the company need to market their products this way, but it certainly is can not know your health or not even the existence of the other details.

According to the report, also longtime trainer Google will use the information that Google advertises to you already, for example, will be used data of the restaurants that you go to borrow a meal that’s right for you now according to your preference of food and fits your needs health current.

And so do not become troublesome app, then post the information to the user in the form of talks and notices don’t even the user feels bored fast when you use it. Also it is possible to expect being Google Coach part of the operating system of smart watches WearOS where, according to the report, the application will be able to work on Android but the advantages are limited. Are you talking the presence of the boss of Google works artificial intelligence? We shared your opinion through the comments.

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