Google collected data about users at their expense

Millions of Android users worldwide are unwittingly paying for the mobile Internet more than I should, due to the fact that Google collects data about their actions and movements. About it writes The Guardian with reference to the Australian Commission for competition and consumer protection initiated an investigation against the search giant.

In the investigation of the experts of the regulator are convinced that Google can track users of Android devices regardless of activity location services and even the availability inserted into the SIM card slot. While sending data through cellular networks is consumed traffic of the monitored users, often increasing the payment account of the mobile Internet.

At the request of the Guardian, a Google spokesperson said that the company has the full right to collect data about users using to get the files with the information of their mobile connection, since it had received permission from the users themselves. The last give him, once you agree to the terms of use of the operating system.

The need to collect data about the actions and movements of users in Google explained the ongoing work to improve its services to improve service quality. To know what data about you available to the search giant, by applying directly to company representatives.

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