Google conference – announced phones pixels 4 pixels 4 XL, new products and other exciting!

Google held a press conference a huge today which revealed several new products at the forefront of its phones Google Pixel new 4: Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. In this section, we conclude with a summary of what came in the conference of the Google case.

مؤتمر جوجل - الإعلان عن هواتف بكسل 4 وبكسل 4 XL

A summary of the specifications of the phones Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

  • Screen: screen pixel 4 5.7-inch Full HD Plus / screen pixel 4 XL $ 6.3-inch Quad HD Plus. Note that the screen in the two phones OLED and 90 hertz.
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Storage capacity: 64 and 128 GB
  • Camera: dual – camera, basic 12-megapixel girl lens F/1.6, camera magnifying glass Telephoto with a 16-megapixel.
  • Battery: pixels 4 with a capacity of 2800 Milli amp, battery Pixel 4 XL with a capacity of 3700 milli-amps.
  • Fast charger 18 watt / wireless charging technology
  • Feature water and dust resistant
  • Feature Face Recognition to unlock the lock
  • Three colors: white, black, orange.
  • Feature motion-sensing and Motion Sense, which allows gestures without touching the screen depending on the electromagnetic waves (to lock the house like or change the song or skip notifications, etc.).
  • Feature Night Sight for night photography is faster and better than before and have a photo of the sky with high quality.
  • Photography computer based image processing software are play a stronger role and better in improving the sound quality.
  • Property Live HDR Plus for the HDR effect in camera app in the neighborhood prior to capturing the image.
  • Feature Ambient EQ to modify the balance of the white color automatically depending on the ambient lighting to improve the quality of the content displayed on the screen.
  • Application Record Audio Recorder can convert audio to written text.
  • The price of the Google Pixel 4 starts from$ 800, while the starting price of the Pixel 4 XL from$ 900 (64GB).

Google Pixel 4 / 4XL OrangeGoogle Pixel 4 / 4XL BlackGoogle Pixel 4 / 4XL White

تصوير السماء بكاميرا جوجل بكسل 4Photography sky camera Google Pixel 4

Headphones Pixel Buds 2019

  • The new version of the headphones Pixel Buds wireless for 2019
  • The fish are rather small, and the phones and smart devices via Bluetooth and works perfectly with the Assistant Google personal Google Assistant
  • Google promised Out Loud purity and free of noise during listening and during the procedure calls.
  • Use headphones Pixel Buds 2019 Wireless will be comfortable because the headphones allow the entry of air in the ear at the same time you book The Noise.
  • The battery lasts up to 5 hours of usage, can be recharged several times with shipping up to 24 hours.
  • Headphones will be available in early 2020 at a price of 180 USD.

Google Pixel Buds 2019Google Pixel Buds 2019

Google Pixel Buds 2019

Laptop PixelBook Go

  • New design computer Google laptop running Chrome OS
  • Available processors: Intel Core i5 and Core i7 / RAM 8 GB or 16 GB.
  • Storage capacities: 64 or 128 or 256 GB type SSD.
  • Price starts from 650 USD.

Google PixelBook GoGoogle PixelBook Go


Google Google Pixel 4 Google Pixel 4 XL Google Google Pixels 4 Google Pixels 4 XL

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