Google conference: detection of helper tweeter home Nest Mini

The company Google at a conference today to reveal the latest of its organs, the lifting of the curtain on a range of devices plugin home Nest Mini.

مؤتمر جوجل: الكشف عن أجهزة المساعد ومكبر الصوت المنزلي Nest Mini

Google announced in a conference today to talk about the most prominent findings in the field of electronic devices, from computers Plugin the Home Nest Mini which comes with the amplifier backed up with the rules Google to do various tasks via voice commands.

Featuring new devices the size of its design, simple with 4 different colors, and put them on the desk or wall mounted and installed in any place.

Also offering audio experience the top thanks to the technique of ultrasound, in addition to the response speed faster than the previous with the Assistant Google.

In comes these new devices as an update for Home Mini ex from Google, and brings with IT improvements to the quality and efficiency of the images.

These devices will be available for purchase on October 22, the current price of$ 49 as was the case with the previous generation outstanding with Home Mini.

It is worth mentioning that Google Inc had announced today also about the two versions of the phones pixels 4 of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, as well as the launch of the system the wireless network Nest Wifi which provides advantages similar to the systems Mesh Routers but it comes backed with the speaker and to the assistant to Google Voice. As the company also revealed about the launch date of the service of cloud gaming Stadia in November, and a PC convertible (laptop) PixelbookGo.

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