Google confirm that night mode helps maintain battery long

قوقل تؤكد أن الوضع الليلي يساعد في الحفاظ على البطارية فترة طويلة

Probably agree that the night mode for applications helps reduce lighting for businesses and thus reduce the battery consuming, but Google confirmed that the night mode of the user in the application currently makes the battery lasts much longer than the previous and contributes to lessen the loss of battery quickly.

According to what the company published in the conference of developers of your Android, the battery consumption at full lighting in black does not exceed 20% of the energy consumption when using white completely. Which means that apps Time night consume five Energy a normal situation.

This is the reason to the fact that the colors increase the energy consumption on the screen with all the degrees, so that the number of pixels illuminated, the higher the color became a light which increases the energy consumption.

The strange thing is Google itself, while well aware of this, the design of the application its always a White Key which makes the power consumption larger, it can be said that this may change in the future especially with the release version of Night Mode to the YouTube application, but keep the design and put Lily in full for the Android system is the most important.

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