Google confirms it is working on the project ” Dragonfly ” during the session of the Senate

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In the last month, there were rumors saying that Google is working on trying to return to China through the launch of the search engine was revamped to comply with censorship laws. Been named this project as ” Project Dragonfly, ” which confirmed the company Google recently.

However, confirmation of the company Google incomplete, has confirmed the company just google it is working on a project called Dragonfly. It was confirmed by the in charge of privacy at Google, Mr. Keith Enright during a hearing in the Senate which he said that Google has a project by that name, although he didn’t dive in details because it is unsure of the identity of the project. He quoted Keith Enright said : ” I’m not clear on the parameters of what is in scope or outside the scope of this project. “

Since then, the Google company released a statement to VentureBeat concerning the statements of Keith Enright during the meeting which stated : ” We have been investing for many years to help Chinese users, through the development of Android, and through mobile apps like Google Translate and the Files Go, tools our developers. But our work on the search was the “.

Google did not come to a formal response asserting their plans to return to China. However, the speculation did not prevent American lawmakers from the desire to learn more. It was companies like Apple have been question in the past because of its relationship with the Chinese government, it also appears that Google staff were not happy about the idea of launching a search engine is censored in China that protested the project internally.


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