Google confirms not to sell facial recognition technologies for fear of misuse

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Many tech companies Amazon and Microsoft cooperated with government agencies in the United States to provide advanced technologies for facial recognition, in particular those of the bilateral partnership between Amazon and government agencies regarding technology Amazon Rekognition , which met with significant opposition from civil society institutions on the grounds of restriction of Liberty, in addition to from the crew of the company itself.

In a called this area face the powerful and the danger that might be caused by the occurrence of techniques developed in the hands, and the possibility of misuse, large not to increase the pressure on technology companies to apply the security policy of the court not facing the problems of serious consequences in the future, where through the chief executive of Google Sundar Pichai in an interview with the Washington Post about his concerns about the ethics of stealth artificial intelligence, adding that must recognize that the technology that is built can not be repaired, explaining this by saying that artificial intelligence can prove to be much more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

Has been through the vice president of the company about its approach in this case is their commitment not to sell any of the duties of the software applications special to recognize the face for fear of infringement of their functions designated ill-used for other purposes, as this comes in accordance with the mechanism to exercise caution in the use of this technology consistent with the values and principles of the company he said in the midst of a blog posted last week about the use of artificial intelligence in health clinics in Asia.

While confirming some of the civil society institutions and human rights of America on it will constantly monitor the company to prevent the occurrence of any deals to sell facial recognition technologies that would violate the rights of plaintiffs, noting that it had renewed its call to buy Amazon and Microsoft not to provide the government the report of their cutting edge to the contours of the face.

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