Google confirms that it will not update your Nexus Player to Android P

Nexus Player

The launch of the Nexus Player was originally in the year 2014, and shut down its production since the year 2016, but despite off, lost as the company Google unexpectedly updated the device n through the addition of new features. For example, last year the company Google updates the Nexus Player and bring the digital assistant Google Assistant to him, but looks like it’s the end of the full Nexus Player.

Those who are wondering if you will update your Nexus Player to Android P when you issue the update, it seems that it won’t happen. According to a new report released recently from the website Android Police, confirmed not google it will not update your Nexus Player to Android P, which means that the version of Android that runs this device right now, it basically is the latest version.

It is unclear whether the Nexus Player is still eligible for security updates to fix security flaws or mistakes, but at least in terms of major updates, you won’t be the case anymore. However, this support is expected should not be surprising for the device has been stopped since the year 2016.

It was speculated at the time that Google company may require to launch an improved version of this device with the knowledge that those rumors strengthened after spotted the new version at the site of the FCC! FCC, but that’s not what happens in the end for whatever reason.



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