Google continues its work to bring Android to the millions of cars signed to buy a new

Tesla Model 3

Learn the company Google with the alliance consists of a number of major companies specialized in the automotive industry, including Renault and Nissan and Mitsubishi to provide a system Android Auto. Charge these companies a huge number of cars through every year, this will be the partnership Google Inc. to take advantage of this to bring Android and its millions of cars. Will Android is on the infotainment system and navigation in these cars. System will allow Android drivers to access apps through the Google Play Store and access to the digital assistant Google Assistant, as well as development using the map service Google Maps.

However, we will not be moving to Android in the cars of those companies mentioned above immediate. Cars of those brands will not come with Android until the year 2021. This can lead the alliance to sell a lot of cars by that time because it shows already more than 10 million units in every year in all over the world.

Will this partnership also plugin Digital Google Assistant into cars, allowing drivers to control many features via voice commands. On this subject, the vice-president of the global connected car in the coalition, Mr. Kal Mos by saying : ” in the future, can the digital assistant Google Assistant that uses artificial intelligence, the most advanced of Google Inc., to become the main way that clients interact with their cars, without using hands “.

Won’t get Android from Google on the use of exclusive, systems of information and entertainment will continue to be able to run other operating systems such as Apple CarPlay. Staying options open for companies specialized in the automotive industry even if it is betting heavily on the system Android from Google.


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