Google continues to use us. As we develop the business?

When it comes to the privacy ofusers who trust this data to my devices started to get nervous. They worried that information would fall to those people. All this is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Whether their fears are justified, especially when we are talking about a company as large as Google? This is a big issue which we need to understand. Moreover, to the search giant in recent years more and more questions.

Google will soon be everywhere.

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Google is expanding its presence in the medical market

In the beginning we will discuss how it all began. A few days ago in a report by The Wall Street Journal published details about the partnership between Google and one of the largest providers of medical services in America by a company Ascension.

Ascension is the largest nonprofit health system in the United States with institutions in 23 States and the district of Columbia. Combines hospitals, medical practices and innovators. The goal of the activity is to reduce the cost and improve the quality of care.

This collaboration, called Project Nightingale. Its essence lies in the fact that Google gets access to millions of records of affiliate service. In the list of data that will open Google, enter patients ‘ names, dates of birth, medical history and the results of various tests.

Protection of personal data

Protection of personal data in recent time has become a real trend. Instant messengers offer a reversible encryption, applications, and operating systems introduce two-factor authentication, and store promise that no one-no one will have access to your photos from the may barbecue.

It’s all good, that’s only true if it works? To check this will be difficult, moreover, leaks do sometimes happen. You may recall the emergence of “shared” pictures of stars and data Facebook accounts. It’s frustrating, but we do not remain anything, except how to rely on the honesty and competency of those whom we trust their data.

Especially sharply this question costs in relation to medical data. We can all choose whether to upload pictures to the cloud or not, but we do not choose what they do with our data activity and health. In the end, Google has long gained the reputation of the company that do not blindly trust your data. It is clear that ninety-nine and nine percent in the period of the cases are harmless, but the fact remains. It is worth noting that even if you disable the location tracking, it still sometimes tracked. Live with this information.

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The fight over Google privacy policy

However, the company is constantly trying to show that she’s actually a good and established reputation is the machinations of the bad uncles-biased bloggers and Apple journalists. So it happened this time.

Immediately after the announcement of the partnership, Google, and Ascension made a statement, saying that the data will be collected only for processing and then only with the consent of the owner. However, the owner in this case is Ascension.

It was noted that data is not mixed up with those that already have Google. That is, Google will get user data, process them and “return” Ascension.

Medicine is becoming more digital. Soon the AI will settle it very thoroughly.

The company representatives also added that we should not consider the partnership as something unique and out of the ordinary. Google already works with a large number of companies engaged in health issues.

That is, the interest of the Ascension is that Google due to its great possibilities to return their processed data for further use. Here only Google will be able to use this data, including for promotional purposes. Let me remind you, that advertising is the main business of the company which brings them billions.

The interest of Google to medicine

The interest of Google to medicine has become very visible in recent years. In addition to partnerships with companies in the medical sector, “Corporation of good” is also working on other fronts. A striking example of this is buying a FitBit , with all its developments.

Having a large number of user data, we can conclude about their way of life and slip them ads based on their interests. It is done now, but on the basis of behavioural patterns in the Internet. Now it will be easier to offer people the clinic for treatment from diabetes sneakers for running on a hard surface or the nearest Burger joint, not to exceed the usual for a person weighing 120 pounds, the threshold of activity in 4,000 steps a day.

Give health data from Google? Wait this is!

As Google uses the

As we can see, Google never miss best for their cooperation. On the one hand, this is good as its potential allows us to develop entire industries, companies of which appeal to the search giant, but on the other hand, we see once again that the company does not forget about their interests.

There is another direction in which Google is actively trying to succeed. We already wrote about this detailed article on one of our sites. Direction in the field of machine learning. Due to the fact that Google is used by millions and even billions of people in the world, she gets access to a huge number of eyes and hands that help her to learn the system. Subsequently, these systems can be used for self-driving cars and maps when you define a house number or position in the city.

Such invisible learning, we propose to determine which photo shows a bus, traffic lights and so on. This is the principle work of machine learning. The system need to show conditional the dog and say this dog. Then she will start to process other images and specify which of them have dogs. A person says right or wrong and thereby the system learns from its mistakes. So picture captchas. You might notice that sometimes you can poke in any of the images, but access is still open. This is further proof of the above. Just in these moments the system will think that wrong, but it is not always important your correct answer.

If it goes on, the company will continue to increase their advantage in information processing. The increase in capacity will lead to the fact that it will get even more data. Then everything goes in a circle, perhaps even exponentially. And then, as they say, “Skynet? No, not heard.”

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