Google decides to bring luxury features Digital ” Digital Wellbeing ” for more smart phones

Digital Wellbeing

The Google company detects features shelves digital or what is known as the ” Digital Wellbeing ” in the past year in an attempt to help users to manage the time they spend on their devices better. Kept the company at the outset of these features are exclusive to the phones of the Google Pixel devices that are part of the initiative of Android One. This will change now because Google decided to bring these features to other devices.

Company is working Google Now to bring luxury features Digital ” Digital Wellbeing ” to devices which are not basically part of the initiative Android One. The start will be with the series phones Moto G7 Series. I confirmed Google they will invite additional partners, which means we’ll see more devices get the luxury features of this digital in the coming months. However, didn’t provide the police any information about these new partners, so it remains to see what are the other devices that you’ll get luxury features digital.

Will provide the luxury features of this digital on devices for users to information about the amount of time they spend on the phone will also assess the time according to each application. Users will be able to set time limits for apps if they feel they waste a lot of time on Instagram, for example. Operate luxury features digital you to transform the color of the screen to gray gradually, as well as the notifications.


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