Google decides to launch the next version of the system of landed, titled Android 10

Google announced today the registration for the next version of the operating system Andorid, which applies entitled Android 10 without the letter Q which is known by this version during the financial period.

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Applies Android Q coming soon to users entitled more pronounced. there are no wars to بAndroid 10, has Google revealed today the new title for the operating system on the company’s blog, where the aim of Google this change to support the users with quick access to the operating system, to end the controversy over the connotation of the labels previous to the operating system, which referred often to the type of milk.

I caused the registry, which was launched by the previous versions of the beta a lot of users, particularly with different languages, where the term labels for L and R, or Lollipop وKitKat clearly from the newest version among the versions.

Also wasn’t recording the other operating system landed clear across the world, where I knew the new versions of the operating system landed in numbers the axiom, which is what prompted Google to choose the final delivery of the system Android 10.

Recall that Google changed the logo landed also to the side of the label, where the color change from Green to black with the image of the new robot Android Green New.


I know of

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