Google decides to stop producing tablets New

جوجل تقرر ايقاف انتاج اجهزة تابلت جديدةGoogle decides to stop the production of tablets New

In five years, his last fell sales of tablets in favor of smartphones that hold large screens without dialogue, and today there is a new matter sector users of the tablet : Google decides to stop the production of tablets New.

Yes, according to the chief of Police, Rick’s Auto, the device will be Pixel Slate data tablet the report of the search giant and Google will continue to support partners if they decide to launch tablets running Android, according to the statements of official Google the same .

It is expected that Google focuses instead on providing devices to the iPads office

Despite the resolution, it seems that Google is determined to continue to support the tablet area for a long time would end in the year (2024), due to its use by many consumers and customers of institutions and education, especially in the United States .

Some reports that Google shot down already two projects at least to provide tablets new in the past few months, including a new generation for your company tablet last Pixel Slate.

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