Google defended its project to launch a search engine of Chinese

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جوجل تدافع عن مشروعها لإطلاق محرك بحث صيني

Defended the company Google about the controversial decision to launch a version of its search engine dedicated to China, where they encounter giant sea its commitment to the participation of Project Dragonfly in full, in spite of receiving ripped after a series of leaks about the project, and came to the defense on the tongue Sundar Pichai Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO in a new interview he conducted with the New York Times, which acknowledged that technology does not solve human problems and technology companies was naive when I thought that they could solve the problems of humanity.

And Google CEO 46-year-old making the project acceptable through technology, which will block search terms associated with human rights, detention, whatever its form, as a pledge to continue to use technology regardless of the form that require it, and added that technology is a tool to help, but it should be on the human to deal with human problems, not technology companies.

It is believed Sundar that we are more dependent on technology as a way to resolve things, as we suffer in the present time of the issue of making technology the source of all problems also, as the payer Pichai about Google’s decision to work with authoritarian governments, including China, where it plans to launch Project Dragonfly next year.

The leaks had indicated that the leadership of Google developing search engine for China it is called Inside the company name of Project Dragonfly, so this forces the motor control on the search results and outlets in the news, along with a number of other things, as claimed by the reports that the tool linking the user searches on Google and the phone numbers of their personal to help the Chinese government to control its citizens.

Pichai said: “I think one of the things not well-understood is that we are working in many countries where there is censorship, and when we follow laws, we monitor search results for we meet the law, I am committed to serving users in China, whatever form it takes, I actually don’t know the answer, it is not clear even for me that was the sea in China is the product that we need to do today.”

And Pichai had joined Google in 2004 and helped in the development of the company’s browser Chrome Chrome, said in 2014 the company’s efforts in the field of engineering and research for their products and platforms, including search, ads and Android, and was appointed as chief executive officer in 2015, and joined in the past year to the board of management of the parent company Google.

The company faces the most powerful people in the world today updates more than at any time in its history of 20 years, where employees feel anger toward the issues of sexual harassment, creates executives to sift because of the efforts aimed at the issuance of the confidential version of product search in China, as well as Google to close its social network next year after the breakthrough discovery of data, combined with discussions ongoing about the use of artificial intelligence to serve military requirements.

The gate Arab News Technical Google defended its project to launch a search engine of Chinese

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