Google define settings for navigation in the Maps app, Google Maps

Google is working on conversion of Google Maps than just the application of normal for the navigation to the Maps application is integrated, the has got recently the advantages of the new the most recent Settings panel navigation advanced.

Become settings new development more organized thanks to the sections of the new sub-options for audio tracks and map. Although some of these advantages are not new in full only to be re-organized to make of the possibility of activating some of the options more easily.

It’s most striking in the new update are the control options actually night during development, in the former, The activated dark mode Dark Mode is automatically now the user is able to activate this mode permanently or according to day-night. Activate Dark Mode will not affect the colors of the normal map or the lists of places.

In addition, it has the update brought new options to avoid motorways and ferries and during the driving can be controlled by development.

This update carries the version number 10.2 it is assumed that up to all users soon. Did you get it? We shared your experience in the comments.

The Google define settings for navigation in the Maps app, Google Maps have been published first in are.

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