Google define their application Files Go to support its video player and music and more

قوقل تُحدّث تطبيقها Files Go بدعمه مُشغل الفيديو والموسيقى وأكثر

Has become, anyone Android download application Files Go, which is a mix between the File Manager application and the file sharing, which is by the way of the development of the company Google, generally with this definition will allow you to app to control everything related to your phone, but also send files with others who have installed the app, and with support it find all the files very rapidly thanks to the design of smartphones, as well as getting rid of files unwanted and a lot of procedures and other useful.

In the meantime I got the app today on a big update save him a lot of options, and the new nurses, where in accordance with the added advantage of advanced visualization which in turn allows you to search in the folders on your phone, as there is the option of the confirmation of the safety of the installation of the application, through control of any application is downloaded automatically.

As and increase the speed of File Transfer, where the application supports Files Go transfer speed of 500 MB per second, and most important of all, there is support for operators of video and audio, including running audio in the background, and finally update the Files Go is currently available on his page than on the store Google Play, we recommend that you download the app and try it.

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