Google deleted a number of apps from Google Play to her users

قوقل تحذف عدد من التطبيقات من قوقل بلاي لتجسسها على المستخدمين

The company Google remove 7 apps from the store by Google Play for being spying on users hidden, after recognition by the researchers in the Avast.

Where the researchers said that those apps looks like it was developed by sophisticated Russian for the purposes of surveillance of individuals.

As explained to Google that those applications had been prepared by the developers to see data of Android users without their knowledge by installing tracker application another.

So that will be the task of this app is planted in the user’s device to track its location and access to its data, including messages and calls.

What is important here is that the app works invisibly where there is no signal being present on the machine originally.

Which can be the stalker of the control device of the victim comfortably and easily via the computer; with the lack of proof may raise a questioned used.

The quality of the names of the applications

Speaking of this kind of applications is often aimed at monitoring apps parental more staff; this is exploited in vaccination programming the experiment and control individuals.

Where he was raised and publish these apps on Google Play the names of the following:

Track Employees Check Work Phone Online Spy Free

Spy Kids Tracker

Phone Cell Tracker

Mobile Tracking

Spy Tracker

SMS Tracker

Employee Work Spy

But alien is what he does not CNET and the fact that the purpose behind these applications is not limited to spying or surveillance to the general concept.

As the number of users used these applications to monitor the case; and maybe out of jealousy or suspicion.

Where to download these applications 130 a thousand times, were applied Spy Tracker SMS Tracker top downloaded 50 thousand times.

From her side hung a Google on the topic the fact that their policies prohibit such applications.

So that has and still is taking steps to escalate in order to limit abuses of similar target users.

And what is his summing up that the scanning process of the security applications that are cross-shop Google Play no longer sufficient to avoid the company of such applications.

Where, despite being originally prepared with the intent to harm and a violation of company policy in a subtle way and control the user, but it failed to recognize them since the beginning.

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