Google demonstrated artificial intelligence for customer support services

It seems that Google realized that too scared all I/O, presenting an artificial intelligence that simulates the human voice. The company learned a lesson and showed the new algorithm with a human voice. It is designed for the next generation of automated contact center that will provide support to the users.

Google Contact Center AI was presented in the framework of the conference Google Cloud Next 18. About the product said the chief researcher of the division of artificial intelligence Google, Dr. FEI FEI Li. It demonstrated a system that can easily understand human speech and give correct and quick answers to questions.

From the conversation between human and AI sounded like a normal conversation between the client and the helpdesk. This means that soon we will be able to stop clicking on “1” or “2” to advance through the voice menu, holding the phone to his ear. Recently, we talked about Talkdesk and its founder, who does not believe that artificial intelligence will be able to replace the employees of call centres. Google believes that after all can.

When using Google Duplex carried out orders in the restaurant, and he could not understand whether it communicates with the algorithm or with the person, the journalists reacted to it ambiguously. Probably for this reason, Google has decided to apply the technology where it is more credible. It remains to see what the future holds for the employees of the call centers.

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