Google design search results for phones

Offer Google some notable changes in how to display search results on mobile phones, and these changes are intended to shed light better on the names of the websites and its icons and its furnishings.

In the new design, will the search results on mobile phones the name of the site which is above the page title that is displayed. In the current situation, the volatility of Google to show the name of the site and its small print the bottom of each link, but this in its way to change.

Start a new design emerge during the next few days, the company says that it will come first to mobile phones, which is indicated by the official spokesperson.

The search results on mobile phones appear quite similar to the news summary, filled with the participation of different publishers about a specific topic, so that in time the current show news headlines, articles, prominently, in the time that is necessary to know where the Finder the name of the source, which is what you want Google to highlight more in these changes, especially with continuing concerns about the sources of the news fake.

Source: Google

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