Google determine the context of the games in the store and the rules of the new additions paid thereto

قوقل تحدث سياسات الألعاب في متجرها وتحدد قواعد جديدة للإضافات مدفوعة الثمن الملحقة بها

I began to Google the application of new laws on the games in the store Google Play, where it imposed a number of policies on the section of supported games accessories paid through funds prizes or gifts known as the “Loot Boxes”, with their specific other areas determined by the extent of the ability of different age groups and children in particular from the purchase of those accessories.

Where the force of the new policy developers to demonstrate the type of supplement that will entertain the player; for example, the type of weapon or ammunition in the fight game prior to the completion of the process and not leave it as a random selection does not move it is output it.

As for the children has imposed Google the developers of this type of games develop the rules that identify the age groups who can use these accessories in accordance with the standards control of the family and policies for children I have a Google, with to determine the level of advertising promotions as well as to clarify information that is collected about them and security warnings are clear from the experiences of the techniques of augmented reality.

Where caused Google to impose this new policy of Apple, which already said the same earlier step into the store by the App Store, knowing that Google has identified the first of September as the compulsory transition of all developers to comply with its new in their applications existing on the detective.

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