Google determines the design of the news section in the search engine

Revealed Google for a new design to the news section in the search engine your used to the style of the cards in his design aims to display the graphics in a larger size to seem clearer and easier to use.

Will Google each word, or link within the search results to a particular card by the implementation of the slim lines from other news allowing more empty spaces to facilitate browsing news. Compared with previously when it was collected each group’s search results and links within the card or separately. At the top of the page will be clearly highlighted a range of news from the most important sources for the word search.

You will also Google the name of the site publisher or the newspaper rather than just display a link in the search results, this lets the user know the site name more easily, and also is an opportunity for publishers to reach their audience better.

The new design will gradually become for all users starting from today and during the coming weeks.

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