Google developed a system of special support to the work of aid audio on Android

قوقل تطور نظام دعم خاص بعمل المساعدات السمعية على أندرويد

Received the hearing aids, demand from persons who suffer from hearing impairment in the main, are considered to aid audio working over Bluetooth Apple TV compatible significantly with the organs of the iPhone, while the composition of the Android system makes it difficult for manufacturers to aid audio support, so working Google Now on the development of the support system audio makes it easy to launch this assistance and use it with Android devices.

Announced Google on its cooperation with the company GN Hearing Danish, competent manufactures hearing aids, to work on making a hearing aid, to develop a new specification commensurate with the phones landed, under the name of ASHA.

According to the specifications, battery designed to work effectively, while the plugin provides the voice of purity and high quality. Assistance will be able to connect directly to Android devices without the need for an intermediate, while the new system ASHA, will allow users of Android review smart audio as normal whether to hear music or to make connections.

Published Google the system specs of the new online, to be available to any company manufacturing the hearing aid making a copy of the approval for the Android system.

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