Google developing Chrome OS for tablets

Chrome 64

Chrome 64

After the success in the platform laptops, apparently working with Google to provide the operating system Chrome for tablets.

Posted a tweet on Twitter showing the tablet from the manufacturing company of the aesir and by a special system of chrome.

The source of the tweet that was deleted fast one present to address the BETT educational it seems that Google is targeting students in the primary schools particularly of this system to include tablets in school.

Of course will Google many of the applications in the system, especially that in the field of education such as documents and presentations.

And because the system Chrome has become the calling Android apps this is the movement of large forces can make use of them especially that these apps are compatible already with the screen touch with the students.

Worth noting that Apple’s contract agreements with several countries like Turkey to put iPads in the service of Education.


Saudi Arabia: tablet instead of book in the schools of the kingdom


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