Google do tool blocking ad tomorrow on Chrome this is the mechanism of its action

Do a Google tool to block ads built-in Chrome browser tomorrow, February 15 in a move to end the suffering of the users of the browser with sites that include annoying ads pay website owners to stop using them. Not planning to Google to cancel all ads from Chrome, and blocking ads that are considered annoying which don’t respect standards prepared by the Coalition “for better ads”, and will be specifically targeting ads that display in full-page ads, and ads that play audio and video automatically, and ads that include flash. Revealed Google that it will also block pop-up ads and ads big ads that appear on the website with a count down before the download content and ads heavy on Deals the company hopes to lead the activation its new to reduce these annoying ads on the web. And Google evaluate websites based on the criteria of “Better Ads standards” and invite the site owners to re-review the ads bad, if it turns out that there are a large number of violations caused by the site and ignore the notice to Google of such violations, they will be Chrome block ads on the site after 30 days. Will provide a tool for blocking ads on the address bar of Chrome on the desktop similar to the code block pop-ups, and a small message at the bottom of the screen on mobile stating that advertising is prohibited on a site will become a tool for users of desktop computers and mobile users with the option to allow ads to be blocked automatically. And Google that the goal of the AD blocker New is to improve the user experience and improve the web advertising, and added that 42% of the sites that failed in the standards of the Better Ads solved the problem already.

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