Google does not intend to reduce the percentage (30%) of digital sales

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Deduct most companies if not all, with rare exceptions, 30% of purchases across stores and digital, this applies to companies such as Google and Apple, and even the makers of household appliances such as Sony and Microsoft and others.

Through meeting investors the company’s latest challenge Sundar Pichai on this topic and reported that the proportion of 30% is the current standard and will not be reduced, so that Google spend a lot of money for the infrastructure of the Google Play Store, this in addition to that there are millions and millions of users of Android around the world and so, opening this door to all of the companies compared to these women is unfair.

Well, I don’t doubt that what you did Epic with her shop and raised a lot of noise, where the understated company of women that you get from the developers of video games to reach only 12%, and to 88% of revenue to developers.

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