Google Drive choose to support the development of the work offline for more file types

قوقل درايف تختبر دعم وضع العمل بلا اتصال للمزيد من أنواع الملفاتGoogle Drive choose to support the development of the work offline for more file types

The biggest problem that is facing users who rely on cloud storage, they need a permanent connection good internet connection to access their files and synchronize modifications to them. Previously Google has launched the feature to work without the connection but it was limited to its files-like Office Documents, Slides and Spreadsheets, but they now choose to provide this support for additional types such as images and PDF and even office files and other files that do not back the services of Google.

Currently receive Google applications for users wishing to experience the new feature is only limited to Joint my G Suite currently and subsequently the outcome of the tests will allow for a larger number of users before it launches the feature of official everyone.

Tap water they only work via the browser Chrome so that you can specify which file you want it to without connect to the internet through the options that appear right-click when you press it from your account on the Google Drive, as it should enable work offline from the settings.

Currently working the water through the Windows operating system only will become later on the system Chrome, and no information if it will support other browsers suitable.

On the whole, still subject at the beginning and there is a lot of time before the water release officially which will improve greatly the user experience will increase adoption of cloud storage as long as it can work without internet connection from his computer.

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