Google Drive Google Fit to users of the iOS platform

The company launched the Google app Google Fit today on the iOS platform, which integrates with the interface of Apple Watch smart Apple Watch.


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Provide the search giant now users phones iPhone, iPad, to by hours the Apple smart application Google Fit, which integrates with both Apple Health and Apple Watch.

Company aims to support Google users on the iOS platform in the coming period through the application features are divided into two styles, the smart ones Move Minutes zoo Points, where he is scheduled to support these patterns to monitor and improve the health of the user and reduce the risk of heart disease, with general improvements in the health of the user.

And I’ve confirmed Google that the patterns applied to Google Fit Smart comes with artificial intelligence the rapid development by tracking the user’s behavior and encourage him everyday, so activity and movement of the user support, the app also evolve to support the user optimally in the end, also due to integrated the app with Apple Watch smart or Wear OS in hours Andre.


I know of

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