Google Drive update Chrome OS 72 with a set of new features

I started the Google company in the payment of fixed update of Chrome OS 72 which comes with a wide range of nurses from Assistant Google virtual dedicated operating system, with the style of the picture-in-picture in the video among other features.

Chrome OS 72

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The latest version to run Chrome up users gradually now, providing through its Google her assistant, virtual dedicated system Chrome, also comes with updates for protection in the interface of the Cast with special style of video, display picture-in-picture, as it integrates more fully with the Android Pie.

It is planned that the call Assistant Google default ad hoc in Chrome OS 72 users on all Chromebooks, also update the fact as an alternative to the slider on the left side of the bottom devices like Pixelbook for example, the new update comes with tape in the middle can open the window more to plugin Google default.

Also supports the Assistant Google user in all tasks, with his command with the phrase Hey, Google, begin to support the user when asking questions or the device manager.

How come the interface Cast with a new design with new icons at the top to the right of the interface, also comes the Pattern Image within the image provided during the financial period in the Chrome browser, and today the style in the platform and Chrome OS.

Recall that one of the most important advantages that comes it update Chrome OS 72 in addressing the problem of the Rubber ducky that lead to the possibility of hacking the devices Chromebook via a USB port even with the closure of the devices, where the feature works USBGuard to ignore the calling devices USB when you lock the devices.


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