Google Duo will soon allow users to send photos to each other

Google Duo

When Google announced the Google Duo and Google Allo a few years ago, lost the company reported that it has designed the first app for video chats and voice conversations, while the design of the second app to chat. Since then, the company Google to close the Google app but at the same time, but it seems that the company has been slowly destroying some of the Google features but at the same time in the Google Duo.

This according to a new report released recently from the site 9to5Google, which found out that in the next update for the application, users will be able to soon send pictures to each other. However, it will not be the experience of transmission similar to those seen in other chat apps. Instead, based on the findings, it appears that the feature of sending the audio to the other party in the Google Duo will Snapchat where users can send private messages can be displayed only during the next 24 hours.


Usually applications allow chat users to send and receive pictures, but because the Google Duo focuses heavily on video chats, it is not surprising that we do not find this feature in the app. However, as we have said previously, the company Google to stop the Google app but at the same time, and with the concentration of Hangouts for users in companies, we assume that sense to want company Google bring in some of the common features in chat apps to the Google Duo.

However, it should be noted that it can not send images directly in the Google Duo. Instead, users will only be able to send photos via the share feature within Google Photos and Files. It seems that this is a strange way to send pictures, but the option will be available if you want to use it.


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