Google Duplex AI will inform the caller to record the call

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When the Google company provide communication system that is based on artificial intelligence. Duplex AI at its annual conference for developers Google I/O 2018, which was held earlier this month, it aroused also a range of criticism.

First, there were questions about the nature of the deceptive moves by the system of artificial intelligence. Responded to Google on these questions by affirming that the system call online the intelligent AI will be the same on that program, so there is no confusion.

Then came the concerns about the plan for which it is registered. According to a new report released recently from the website of Bloomberg, has confirmed the company Google in the staff meeting weekly TGIF to artificial intelligence. Duplex AI will tell the other party that the call is recorded.

This is supposed to be of great importance because many states have laws that do not allow the registration of the call to the Parties to agree on it. He assured the executives in the company, Google employees also that they were thinking in the disclosure of these technological and ethical implications of this technology even before it is presented at its annual conference for developers Googl I/O 2018.

However, we don’t know yet whether it was a company that talked to her artificial intelligence. Duplex AI when you have been offering this technology for the first time on stage Google I/O, 2018 is defined as moving to the program or that the call is recorded. The report indicates that the registry is modified to protect the identity of the caller/company.



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