Google Duplex is becoming available to owners Pixel

At the conference for developers Google I/O 2018 our attention was presented a development called Google Duplex. This artificial intelligence system, designed for you to call in different companies and place orders there. And she is already becoming available to users of smartphones Pixel.

Read more about Google Duplex can be read at this link. The technology is really impressive, now it remains to see owner reviews Pixel on how it works in real life.

Google confirmed that Duplex will soon be available to “small group” of users in “some cities”. The cities themselves are not specified, but most likely it will be Atlanta, new York, Phoenix and San Francisco.

At the moment, Duplex works with some limitations and can only book a table in the restaurant. However, not all institutions still see the robot, so in such cases you yourself will have to call and chat with administrator.

Sources: Engadget, Mashable

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