Google eliminates tool Blog Compass to manage blogs blogger WordPress

Know the new service from Google for the cancellation, where the cancellation of a management tool blogging Blog Compass, did not know Google now even on the grounds that, although the tool has not been put forward only for 10 months only, Blog Compass is a tool exclusive to manage blogging in India is directly connected to the sites supported by WordPress or, which prevents the project sites statistics straight suggestions about the project and tools to manage comments and much more.

Although it was a service for mobile phone only, but they have helped people in management positions without having to reach the desktop or even their browser, still the Blogger app Compass physically located on the Google Play Store but it now displays a message telling users that the statute has now ended (via Android Police). Where to find the text of the message as follows: “after several months we decided to cancel the application of the Blog Compass, if you want to continue to manage your blog, see the Google Blogger or group of tools to the site through Word for WordPress.

A possible reason to cancel the application of the Blog Compass

جوجل يلغي أداة Blog CompassGoogle eliminates tool Blog Compass

Informed the reviews about problems immediately start operating almost, where he bought a lot of they were unable to log in to the Blog Compass using accounts Google their services, cancel the services from Google are not new, and deals with Steven Holl in detail in his brilliant article for the reason that in many cases while it is necessary to improve all other products, when you see that the application of the Blog Compass containing only between 10000 and 50000 downloads in the Play Store during the 10 months, It is back so bad on money (and time) invested.

You can say that this may be the reason behind the closure of the Google to investigate, but we don’t know that really, however, being limited to the Indian market, just maybe not this helps in getting an installed base of strong, in both cases it is the another application is added to the graveyard of Google big it makes us wonder what is next.

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