Google emphasizes on square design for the rear in the phones Pixel 4

Confirmed Google in a tweet recently posted on to phones Pixel 4 comes design box shape in the camera background, it also revealed the search giant for the first official images of the phones Pixel 4.

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Give up Google shopping catalogs that provide pictures of the models and not the real need coming from the phones Pixel 4 assess today the first official images of thrill phones Pixel 4 via a tweet recently posted.

Confirm the photos which are posted via Google that the search giant will also design the box for Pixel 4, which is a design that offers of Apple also in the phones and the iPhone later.

We have posted Google the phrase”keep an eye out to see what can be offered by phone” along with the photo that revealed glimpses of the first to design Pixel 4, A pictures of early versions of next associated with the launch in October.

Projections indicate that the Google will be many changes in the design of the next versions of the phones pixels, which is expected to include a camera and two rear sensors rear, to the side of the sensor the third also, except that the leaks did not reveal the details of the sensor the latter.

It also comes in the lateral part of the design of the phone button color silver or white, as it shows the Google logo at the bottom of the back side of the phone.


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