Google engineers are ready to release the replacement of Android in three years

We have heard about a mysterious operating system called Fuchsia, the development of which was carried out secretly inside Google. Today Bloomberg sheds more light on the history and future of this operating system. It is possible that in three years we are going to use it instead of Android.

For the past two years, the team of 100 engineers Google was secretly working on an operating system that was supposed to be a competitor to Android. Today sources close to the project told Bloomberg the desire of engineers to produce Fuchsia after three years in devices like smart speakers, and five years for laptops and other larger devices.

Rumor has it that one day Fuchsia can earn on all Google devices, including smartphones and Pixel speakers Google Home. It is even possible that a third-party device makers will use OS Fuchsia as they today use Android.

Curiously, Google doesn’t want to talk about all of this. In 2017, the Vice-President of Android Dave Burke said that Fuchsia is just the pilot project is at an early stage. When asked to comment on the information about the launch of Fuchsia a few years, a Google representative said:

Fuchsia is one of many pilot projects Google open source. At the moment we are unable to provide additional information about this project.

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