Google enter the new improvements on the application of YouTube for children

The changes within the YouTube application for kids come to realize the possibility of control of videos and channels that children can watch them.

Earlier this month, reports said that the platform watch the YouTube video of the company Google is planning to release a new version of the YouTube application for children in the near future, as confirmed by Google today announcing a parental controls new for its service dedicated to children, where these tools can new restriction to the app and display the videos of the selected algorithm and on videos that have been picked up manually.

These changes within the YouTube application for kids come to realize the possibility of control of videos and channels that children can watch them, so that gives Google parents greater control over what their children can find it and watch it, making the service a safer place for children.

According to Google the controls that will be put up later this year, will enable the parents consent to video clips or individual channels to which their children can access through the app manually, which gives them the ability to examine a group of video clips pre-selected manually to make sure it is suitable.

As Google is also working on creating collections of videos and Channels trusted such as Sesame Workshop and the team of YouTube for children, so that parents can identify groups or topics that they wish their kids can access only.

When parents turn off the search function within the app, the company will determine the recommendations of the video to be submitted by the application to the channels which have been verified only by the YouTube team for children, while in the previous recommendations include the content of any video or Channel can be accessed through the YouTube app for children, not just those that have been verified by Google team.

During this week, will ask Google profiles to log in to YouTube for kids across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, which means that parents can create profiles individually for each child from their children on shared devices, according to the opinion of Josh Golan Josh Golin, Executive Director of campaign advocacy for children, these positive steps on the scale, but to provide more possibilities of parental control does not relieve Google of the responsibility in preventing inappropriate content from YouTube application for kids.

It should be noted that the application youtube kids, the YouTube Kids is a separate application for smartphones and tablets, which in turn provides access to a subset of the videos available on the main website, where the Application log is used by 11 million households to 70 million views since its launch in the year 2015.


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