Google expanded its activity with the government of Egypt opens full-time office in Cairo next month

ابس عربي متجر تطبيقات

Think Google company to deepen its relationship with the Egyptian government during the coming period, according to the remarks fired by the director of Google Middle East and North Africa (Linda care) .

She said Google it will assign dedicated staff to the office after a meeting between Egyptian ministers and staff of the Google under the chairmanship of Linda’s care, according to a press release issued by the Egyptian government in June.

Consulted the company recently with the Egyptian government on the draft law on data protection, which is in talks to establish a partnership with the Egyptian government to expand the program of “skills of Google” or “skills of Google”, which provided digital training to entrepreneurs through partner organizations over the past year. Will be running a government ministry.

The stars said in a press release last month, the Ministry of investment, the improvement of the investment climate in Egypt after the legislative action taken by the Egyptian government during the recent period, pay the company the global Google re-opening of its office in Cairo soon, and pumping new investments in Egypt during the coming period.

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