Google experience improvements on the package Android apps and add new features for developers

قوقل تجري تحسينات على حزم تطبيقات أندرويد وتضيف ميزات جديدة للمطورين

Launched Google a number of characteristics and new features for developers to facilitate the tasks of building applications and installed directly without having to convert them, in addition to include minimize the size of the apps if downloaded on different devices, the company has announced this more through her blog by product manager Dom Elliott on Thursday.

And package Android applications (Android App Bundles) developers to update their apps periodically special and to provide features customized which is announced by the company earlier, but the update to Google’s new lies in the processing company to package the apps in their original size and reduction ratio of 8% which in turn will cut the space consumed on the device when downloaded 16%, as allowed Google developers and journalists reject the application package in APK format size up to more than 500 MB, plus the application package and is supported on every platform. check and write the applications of Android Studio 3.2, June, my 2018.3 pilot.

Speaking of the update for the ability of developers to build their apps and installed directly via the app bundle, it will have a significant impact on developers and users at the same time, allowing developers to release part of their application for a trade or offer app experience for users as a result of the search process, without the need to download the app via the routine process of waiting to try it.

The update included also an improvement on the crash reports which has been collecting data from users with the data receiving from the data center Google, Firebase, and there are updates, too, especially the process of collection of developers contributions for their apps.

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