Google explain why you collect data across its different products

Google recently announced all the steps taken to ensure their commitment to the Law of data protection of the European new GDPR.

You probably got over the past few weeks a number of emails from Web sites and applications that you use on updates to privacy policies.

In case you are wondering why this particular time, the answer is simply the Law of the European data protection new regulation the General Data Protection GDPR, so that this prevents the Law of the European users additional rights in relation to their statements via the internet.

Work is scheduled to begin the Law of the protection of public data in Europe on 25 may, therefore, help many companies to rework their privacy policies to make them compatible with the new law, including the company Google, which recently announced all of the steps it has taken to ensure its commitment to the new law.

In order to be clear and understandable for the average user, has a giant sea reorganize its privacy policy in addition to providing new features enable you to manage your data I have to Google better.

Apart from the fact that these policies have not changed, but it became easier in terms of understanding and act according to specific categories with the use of the company’s language more clearly and easily and provide videos and photos for fun.

And you can now download your Data Archive your information fully from Google services such as Google Photos and Google Drive and Google Calendar and Gmail and other services.

Despite providing Google this tool since 2011, but she worked during the financial period to add more of them with promises that include the tool, all the services of Google, with the provided options to manage that data, export and delete them.

In addition, the company introduced improvements to long “My Account” My Account, which is the central service that provides you with all the options regarding your information in Google services, including privacy settings and advertising, security, etc.

It is through the analysis tools of the activity, you can choose any activity it is saved in your Google Account, you can view the data and delete them, including a record search and record locations record address, available services within the company.

You can also check your security or check Privacy to make sure that your account is secure and your privacy settings work the way optimization.

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