Google explains the advantages provided security Titan M in phones Pixel 3

Google announced on 9 October for the new generation of phones Pixel, which didn’t come to this design that distinguishes it from the current flagship smartphones. However, it has included some of the interior features that make it enjoy a high degree of security.

And because security has become a major advantages that should be enjoyed by every smart phone, open the Google that was always Security is a top priority for the Pixel, with hardware and software, referring to the security updates, monthly updates, operating system Annual, “so enjoy the phones Pixel most versions of Android secure, in addition to the property of Google Play Protect to help protect your phone from malware”.

And Google has ensured the phones Pixel 2 in the last year alone custom security to protect the lock screen and disk encryption. With my phone, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL new, the company added The Titan M, which is a chip-level security companies are designed to protect sensitive information and the operating system.

In a new publication on their blog Google said the Titan M offers some of the best advantages of the chip Titan that you use the data protection service to the cloud Google Cloud, but it differs in that it is designed specifically for mobile devices.

Police separated the how to download slice the Titan M your phone, protection begins from the moment of operation of the device, as it helps program the bootloader, a program that verifies the validity of and download Android when the phone is turned, on make sure you’re running the correct version of the Android system.

Google has reported that the partner of Titan M store the last version known safe of Android in order to prevent the kidnappers from running an older version of the system weakens the security of the device.

As download Titan M phone agent to prevent breakthrough of the phone from the lock screen by making it difficult to guess the password. It also gives access to the data on the phone. The advantage of the slide case to protect the third-party applications especially financial applications.

In the case of Enable a hacker access to the Partner Program of Titan M trying to update for the hack, it will not be able to do so without entering a password entered by the user himself.

Do you think that phones Pixel absolutely safe? Let me know in the comments.

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