Google, Facebook, Microsoft and twitter are collaborating to simplify the data transfers

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جوجل وفيسبوك ومايكروسوفت وتويتر يتعاونون لتبسيط عمليات نقل البيانات

Announced the companies Google andFacebook andMicrosoft andtwitter to express their condolences in order to simplify data transfers between different services via the Internet through the launch of a new open source initiative named “project data transfer” DTP, which was formally established last year, there was talk of a secret about her through one of the Google engineers, but has been officially disclosed about the initiative today, with the announcement of the first 4 members, where the initiative sought actively to attract other members.

It is considered the ultimate goal of the data transfer project is to improve the scalability of data transfer, allowing users to download their data and transfer it directly to any other service, the Facebook platform had announced earlier this year about a new tool to export data, which allows users to obtain a copy of all their data contained within the Facebook platform, but the normal user will not be able to cope with all that data other than some adjustments to his profile on Facebook.

And download Facebook Inc. and other technical establishment of channels to make the transfer of data from platform to platform easier through the initiative of the DTP, and the initiative to strengthen the ecosystem for data transfer from by reducing the burden of infrastructure for service providers and users together, which in turn leads to increase the number of services that provide removability, and the protocols and methodology directly to the DTP on the possibility of transferring data directly from one service to another in the simplest ways to work.

The issue of the launch of the project includes mainly the possibility of building APIs for the purpose of sharing data is interesting, given the recent scandals that hit tech companies, depending on the participation of data users, however, it is likely that this step is one of the requirements of the Law of the GDPR EU, which stipulates that it must be users are able to transfer their data easily between services, although the initiative does not remember the GDPR directly, but this may be the law as a driving force of the background behind the launch of the initiative.

Includes the initiative’s website to be “the transferability of data and interoperability are essential for innovation, it is believed partners DTP that people should use the products because they provide valuable and unique, so if the user wants to switch to another product or service they must be able to easily do as much as possible, this helps the concept that allows users to choose products and services based on the choice on promoting innovation and competition”.

The initiative may in the long run to help across many scenarios useful, for example in the case of a subscription company Spotify to offer its subscribers the option to export all playlists to their own lists and listen to the service areas, the same applies to other digital services such as apps fitness tracking, which is very difficult to walk away from it without losing all of your data, and Google project that allows users to transfer data directly from one service to another, without the need to download them and re-uploaded”.

Supports the current version of the data transmission system pictures and mail, contacts, calendar and tasks, through the use of Application Programming Interface generally available from Google, Facebook, Microsoft and twitter instead and Flickr and SmugMug, participants hope to grow the project to become an alternative to the more powerful and flexible API traditional, where originated the idea of the initiative of the frustration caused by the options available to manage the data after download, without having obvious way to import this same data to a different service, the tools such as Takeout is not solved only half the problem.

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