“Google-Fi”.. Internet Service latest phones iPhone and Android

"Google Fi".. خدمة الإنترنت الأحدث لهواتف أيفون وأندرويد

A new step of engine famous search and technology giant, Google, is to launch a service Project Fi network in order to support iPhone and most Android devices to the internet, but after you modify the name of the service to officially become a Google Fi.

Google and the internet

Since about 3 years ago, the company announced the Google world, the latest service by then, which allows the opportunity to connect via the internet and make phone calls both local and international, under the name “Project Fi”, where it seems that it took some time, in order to give the opportunity for iPhone and Android, to take advantage of that service as is currently happening.

Explained to Google that the service Project Fi now in her new dress under the name of Google Fi, fully ready to support phones Evo, a sign of most electronic devices that are powered by system Android the most popular among smart phones, where they are supposed to submit to Google through its latest service amended, the speed of the internet a lot better than the previous in favor of phones and electronic devices, through the opportunity to take advantage either of the networks, regular internet or smart phones, according to what is most appropriate from among them.

The service is not for everyone

In the time in which the company Google through the web pages, a tribute to the women, mostly from customers with Google Fi modern, with released officially, that fact does not deny the existence of a real crisis have others, lies in the lack of access to a good number of phones that service, because they are not equipped to receive.

On the other side a group of other phones, such as phones Pixel 3, 3XL, 2, 2XL, LG G7, LG V35, Moto G6, Moto X4, to breathe smoothly between Wi-Fi networks regular, or networks to mobile internet, which is better, but with the situation in mind that it is necessary for the Android devices specifically, to be supported by a system of Nougat or newer, and also iPhone that supported بـIOS 11 or later, in order to ensure the independence of the later service, which still to this day subject of the pilot phase.

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