Google Fi supports iPhone and Android

Extended Google service contact to destroy a lot of Android phones and iPhone in 170 countries around the world, with the adoption of the new name “Google-Fi” instead of “Project Fi”.

What is Google Fi?

It is a service connection to a cell to make calls and exchange text messages, local and international, with an unlimited amount of phone data to connect to the internet, to support the transition to Wi-Fi networks automatically when available.

So what makes Google Fi for connectivity services? The most important characteristic of services is the expansion of international service at the same price, in the sense that it allows make calls while out of the country without an increase in cost. This besides providing a permanent connection to the internet via your phone’s data. And knowing that phones designed with the intention to support service -when you buy it from Google – will give you 2 million points wireless connection is free in America, as well as supporting smart mobility between cellular networks (Three network U.S.) to provide the best possible coverage all the time.

States available | phones that support the service | phones designed with the intention to support the service

The cost of the subscription in the Google Fi

– For$ 20 per month, you can make calls and Exchange unlimited messages.

– For data connection, it’s 10$ per 1 gigabytes of address space, knowing that he can not give up the cost of the data connection$ 60 a month as consumption in excess of 6 gigabytes be free of charge without reducing the speed of the internet connection, unless more than 15 gigabytes of address space, since only then the speed drops relatively. As for what you can’t share it don’t pay for it, for example, that if you use 1.9 gigabytes of address space when connecting to the data cost will be 19$.

– You can sign up with 1-6 other people to reduce the cost to$ 15 per month for calls and messages for each person, and can the consumption of internet data, like from one person that uses internet data for free after the consumption of 10 gigabytes and not after 6 gigabytes of address space, meaning that if 4 people had been using the 19 gigabytes of data, would cost a total of$ 60 for the calls and messages and 180$ for the data, you can monitor the consumption of each individual in the shared via the Google app Fi.

Download the Google app Fi
Android | iOS


How to buy your service?

– If I bought one of the phones designed for Google Fi of the Google then you can register with the service to move to this location , income, calculates the Google, where will be held the service without the need to buy a connection.

– If you use one of the phones that support the service you can the registry calculates the Google, on the site, then download the application from the links above, and finally you can request a SIM for the service which will be delivered to your address if you are in one of the states that are supported by the service, knowing that the slide number will be American means that it will appear to the other party of the regular calls it’s an international number, the call data connection -such as WhatsApp – you can make like a phone number registered by the account on the phone.

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