Google fights viruses, and the British recommended Android: week

This week was not so many significant events from the world of Android. However, Google managed to mark the ostentatious fight for the security of Android users, and experts looked at what’s inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. If interested in the details of these and other news from the world of Android, read our weekly selection.

Google is fighting for the safety of not only with the release of new versions of the OS. That’s just often it is ostentatious

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Google will fight the virus in Google Play

It’s not wrong to pay someone doing your job for you. In the modern world this is called outsourcing. This is used by many companies, giving specific tasks that do not require tight control on the side. Often so just save money, but not Google, which decided to pay tens of thousands of dollars to researchers in the field of cyber security, to those looking for vulnerabilities in popular applications, instead of hiring people on salary.

Google announced a reward for researchers who will find in Google Play app, containing a backdoor or other malicious component. The company had previously engaged third-party experts to identify the threat in the corporate directory, but now the main focus of the search giant makes the need of conviction of the developers, whose apps have over 100 million downloads.

Obviously, the new initiative by Google is the result of a recent scandal involving the developers of the popular scanner for digitizing documents CamScanner. This in app found a backdoor that allowed you to remotely connect to a user’s device and irrespective of their will download malicious components. The situation was aggravated by the fact that at the time of detection of the backdoor CamScanner have had more than 100 million downloads, and that means the potential audience of its victims could the most optimistic estimates, could reach hundreds of thousands.

The company is willing to pay up to 50 thousand dollars depending on the degree of danger posed by the application. And, considering that such apps in Google Play can be several tens and even several hundred, it is easy to calculate how much Google provides for this initiative.

Quite interesting the fact that recently in Google Play there are more infected apps with millions of downloads. Despite the fact that often the perpetrators of the infections are not their creators, and the advertising company that cooperate with the developers and introduce a malicious script in the banners, it’s pretty wild to realize that Google is absolutely not trying to be proactive, and responds only upon receipt of complaints.

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Why Google agrees to spend millions of dollars on a single action to find malware in Google Play, but does not agree to take people on a salary that would be involved in this on a regular basis? As a result, the directory would be cleaner, and the company would have spent much less money. But guess what it is, is not difficult. Arranging such initiatives, Google is creating a infopovod, gathering enthusiastic response from fans. And, if the company regularly and quietly delivered Google Play from viruses and other misfortunes, it would have quickly forgot everything and started to take it for granted. Bravo, Google?

The UK government recommends Android

How many copies broken in verbal battles between users of Android and iOS proving to each other that their platform is the best. And, as is usually the case, each was convinced of the rightness and wrongness of the opponent. However, as they grow older “fighters” of conversations on this topic became fewer until they stopped altogether. No one could not think that to revive the quiet confrontation will decide the UK government.

The UK government advised Nigerians to switch from iPhone to smartphones running Android because of their ability to read NFC-tags. But what do they care you ask? And the case the most that neither is direct.

Than the iPhone did not please the British government?

Support function of reading the labels needed to apply for relocation to Albion because brekzita. Especially for this UK authorities even released a special application that allows you to remotely complete and submit documents for the registration, only by scanning the passport of the citizen of the European Union, in which is embedded RFID chip. It already contains the necessary information about the applicant, removing the need for a personal visit to the immigration office.

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In fairness it should be noted that the authorities appealed to Apple to unlock the function of the tag reading, as it greatly facilitated the preparation of documents for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of EU citizens wishing to move to the UK.

However, Apple rejected the British request. But not of the alleged security reasons, as many might think, but because of the fact that to read the NFC tag today know only three smartphones: iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. And all the other devices will have the same opportunity only with the release of iOS 13. The British decided not to wait and refused to release in the App Store application to apply for relocation.

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The fact that Apple prohibits its smartphone to read NFC-tags, looks at least funny. Thus in Cupertino deprive its users enormous number of usage scenarios, which could be useful scanning function, and auto-filling of documents – only one of them.

What is inside Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

8 Aug Samsung has shown to the public its new flagship — Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. To buy smartphones already in many countries, including Russia. Yes, the starting price is rather large, but given the presence on Board devices advanced technology, this cost is justified. Still don’t believe? View on the analysis of Galaxy Note 10+, and you will see it for himself.

Galaxy Note 10+. What’s interesting inside?

Earlier, experts from iFixit have already produced the disassembly Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, by setting the smartphone only 3 points out of a possible 10 on a scale of maintainability.

It looks like the Galaxy Note 10+ with the removed back cover

The analysis showed that inside the smartphone is equipped with a vibration motor of the new sample, and also another location of the motherboard compared to its predecessor.

Samsung engineers changed the usual location of the logic Board

Among the disadvantages of the design are soldered to the main camera module, the rear glass is too fragile (may break even in the extraction process) and complex replacement AMOLED-matrix: requires full disassembly, which can create additional risks of damage to the hull, cables and electronic components.

In General, the analysis of iFixit could be called informative, if not one but — the experts took into account only basic features of the design, not mentioning in the review advanced module for cooling, the reversing wireless charging and other important details.

To rectify this situation, volunteered the author’s YouTube channel jerryrigeverything once, they were also disassembled Galaxy Note 10+.

According to him, the internal layout Galaxy Note 10+ is of great interest. Samsung first used in the smartphone from two coils wireless charging: one for the smartphone itself, the other for pen S-Pen.

Component of wireless charging for the S-Pen

Another important element was the improved cooling system implemented on the basis of the steam chamber and heat pipes. Because of this, performance Galaxy Note 10+ never crashes, even with long and intensive use. In this case, the size of the cooling system is really amazing — it can be successfully used even in compact smartphones.

Evaporation chamber inside the smartphone

According to the author of the review, Samsung has used the space in the casing is not too rational. The South Korean giant could save 3.5 mm Jack, though the components were located with the mind and used all the usable space. What do you think? Offer to discuss in our Telegram chat.

However, the Galaxy Note 10+ still one of the most advanced smartphones in the world as part of the number of used technologies and internal design and layout. And this is definitely one smartphone that should buy those who are not willing to compromise.

Google: Huawei Mate 30 will not get Google Play and a license for Android

Not always our desires coincide with our opportunities. So hope Huawei to continue to use Android and Google services in their smartphones were quite reckless, despite the fact that few people seriously thought that you can so easily withdraw from the game as a large Corporation. But, unfortunately, the power of the US over Google was stronger than her common sense, and therefore count on further interaction between the search giant and Huawei is not worth it.

What Huawei will do without Android? Yes, the same as before

As reported by Reuters, Google, Huawei will not receive a license for Android and Google Play. This is because a temporary reprieve on sanctions against Chinese companies, applies only to existing products and does not affect the future.

Of course, no OSes, new devices Huawei will remain. The company can always set them on the AOSP (Android Open Source Project), which does not require licensing and is distributed by Google for free. However, the use of AOSP has several disadvantages.

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First, the AOSP does not include Google Play. Therefore, Huawei will either have to roll the app store illegally, or to use an alternative directory.

Second, AOSP default not updated over the air. Thus, the new smartphone of Huawei which will work on the AOSP will not be able to obtain updates as well as existing devices.

Thirdly, AOSP is not as secure as Android. The fact is that, essentially, AOSP is the source code underpinning its Android that do not have adequate protection against hacking. As a result, to crack smartphones on the AOSP will be much easier than on Android.

However, every argument against AOSP is a counterargument.

Because Huawei has its own shell EMUI, the company will be able to improve it independently of Google, updating via the built-in mechanism for distributing updates. Thanks to him, each new version of the operating system that will adapt to work on the devices of the brand, will come out in a timely manner.

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The same applies to protection from hacking. Huawei have not relied on Google to ensure its users ‘ security, and therefore working in this direction on their own. In EMUI provided a lot of different tools to protect smartphones from hacking and viruses, which in many ways work even more effectively than the regular Android tools.

Google Play you can replace it with your own Huawei directory called App Gallery. Now it includes many popular applications like FaceApp or “IMDb”. Only here clients “savings” or “Vkontakte”, unfortunately, is still missing. But we hope that it is fixable.

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