Google figured out how to increase the autonomy of smartphones in Android 9 Pie

The problem of small time of Autonomous operation, as very large screens in modern smartphones, gradually disappeared. Maybe it’s that users just tired to pour out of a sieve, and, perhaps, they are just used to the current situation. However, we should not exclude the third option, which is that the autonomy of mobile devices just reached the level at which to scold her is not desirable. Moreover, the increase in autonomy has involved itself Google.

With the goal of reducing energy consumption of smartphones running Android 9 Pie , Google made one small change in the mechanism of Wi-Fi module. The company’s developers have banned third-party applications to scan the surrounding space for any available Wi-Fi networks a few times in a row. They thought that this is a completely pointless exercise, which also leads to increased consumption of energy of batteries, which most users do not have.

Applications that consume charging

However, concern about Google users was accepted with hostility by application developers. According to them, by making changes to the search mechanism of wireless networks, the search giant actually denied the existence of their applications of any meaning and at the same time restrict opportunities to use their smartphones the way they want.

It would seem, nothing wrong with that application can’t initiate multiple scanning space on the subject of Wi-Fi networks, no. But it’s not.

Many shopping centres, airports and other establishments use Wi-Fi to navigate proprietary applications. Wireless networks that track the smartphones of visitors in space and, based on their removal, and define their position. For the most accurate positioning requires constant reconnection to the new points, which occurs as movement of the user. But, unfortunately, now such possibility in Android is missing. A pity, because navigation in augmented reality hasn’t proven himself as a worthy replacement.

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