Google finally recognize the existence of a system FuchsiaOS, it says that the demo

People try out Google's Pixel 2 phones during a launch event in San Francisco

We’ve heard that Google is working on a new operating system called FuchsiaOS. Don’t know much about this system, but various reports said that this system could be the fruit merge Android and ChromeOS, but the company did not comment officially on it, at least until now.

During the blog sound of with site The Verge, uncover the deputy department head of Android and chrome at Google Mr. Hiroshi Lockheimer finally some additional details about the system FuchsiaOS. According to Hiroshi Lockheimer, it was announced by saying : ” we look to the new format of the operating system. So I know that there are people who are very excited to say : this is Android new or this is a system ChromeOS new. However, the system FuchsiaOS is not about that. System FuchsiaOS is built around defense with the latest developments in terms of operating systems and the things that we learn from FuchsiaOS we can integrate it in other products “.

However, before you feel the excitement, confirms the Hiroshi Lockheimer that Google is still testing a large system FuchsiaOS, so it is not clear when we might see it already. Moreover, he hinted Mr. Hiroshi Lockheimer to FuchsiaOS may not necessarily be the operating system for smartphones that was announced by saying : ” Think of your devices… at the moment, everyone assumes that the system FuchsiaOS custom for smart phones. But what if it can be used for other things to? “.

We’ve heard previously that Google Inc. may take about 5 years before to make the system FuchsiaOS ready, but we believe that the landscape may be quite different at that time. Generally, we will have to wait for a while before to make sure everything and the fate of this system.

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