Google fined again. This time by 4.3 billion euros

Can you relate to large companies, but, despite the fact that some of them do many good things, the desire to earn as much as possible is probably no stranger to any of them.

The recent scandal involving Facebook — a great proof of that. Another arrived today. The European Commission today fined Google for a considerable 4.3 billion euros. The reason is the violation of the Antimonopoly legislation. More specifically, the search giant, according to the European Commission, has abused its dominant position on the market of mobile OS. In particular, integrated into its Android search engine and browser, but also prevented manufacturers to produce OSes based on Android.

It is worth noting that initially, the investigation began in 2013, but the decision, as usual, adopted only after many years. By the way, last year Google was fined 2.4 billion euros is about the same. And something tells me that this is not the last penalty to Google.

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