Google Fit will occur monthly as part of the #GetFitWithGoogle by the New Year

google fit

Google announced today a new initiative for users of Google Fit new and existing. To honor the upcoming New Year and help a lot of people who make resolutions abandon them in the first month, the company will Google that Mathematical Monthly application of Google Fit on the hope that this can help users of Google Fit to stick to the plan and the path.

In the meantime, you can head to the Google Fit participating in the challenge for 30 days starting on 1 January. Will the app encourage throughout the month to assist in the defense investigation Google Fit this forward, I got Google on the help of the 36 influential people on YouTube instead of 9 countries around the world. On this occasion, the company Google by saying :

” For more inspiration, come with 36 moving from nine countries around the world to tell us how they get their points and Heart Points. Follow the hashtag #GetFitWithGoogle on Instagram and YouTube to see how others with the update, or share tips and tricks of your own about how you can enjoy a in good physical shape through exercise Heart Points your favorite “.

In a publication on the official blog, the company offers Google some ways to stay active during the winter months, like to go skiing, or shoveling some snow, or go to a classroom. It focuses first on earn more points and Heart Points. You can win points the heart of one every minute through actively carry out ” moderate, ” such as brisk walking or gain two points of purity of heart in a minute through actively undertake more rigorous such as running or riding a bike.


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