Google fix the problem of restart randomly in case Google PixelBook

Google Pixelbook 2

It turns out in the last period that many of the people who have purchased need Google PixelBook suffer from the problem with this device so that it restarts itself randomly. For some users, it has been happen in rare times, but for some others this was happening every minute or every 10 minutes, it is clear that this is a very annoying problem and this laptop is not usable.

It is unclear at the moment how widespread this problem is, but the good news is that it seems that the company Google is working on a solution to this problem in the past. According to the Director of support at Google, Mr. Kevin Kirk, they have confirmed that this problem has been fixed already so stated by saying : ” sorry for the inconvenience, we’ve found our engineers why and they said fix it. Please update to 10323.65.7 65 Stable, and that would prevent the problem of restart randomly in the future. “

Did not disclose company Google in detail about the reason for the emergence of this problem it seems the problem is relatively recent, dating back to last March, but hope to have the update may fix the problem. If you are a guardian angel Google PixelBook who suffer from the problem of restart randomly, you’ll need to make sure you’ve updated the operating system to the latest version on the assumption that the computer won’t restart in the middle of the update process.



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